March 2018

Hello and Welcome to Eden Farms new blog. 
Winter on the farm is always a bit grim, and we are wading in sludgy mud, lots of clothes and rubber suits on, longing for the weather to warm up- please!!
We've managed to get our first planting of lettuce in the polytunnels, and sacks of seeds are everywhere waiting to go in the minute we can get on the land.
Meanwhile, we have just passed our latest inspection with the Soil Association, when rigorous checks are made on all our practices; last year I got a black mark for paperwork- always my weakness! So more effort has resulted in a (nearly) perfect result!

Now is the time for lots of healthy dark greens to boost your immune system and complement the sturdy roots that predominate in February and March. Many of our customers use the various kales we grow in juices- it's a big benefit that they are organic, as the concentration of nutrients would also increase the pesticide content if conventional greens were used. Kale mixed wit…
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